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"Digital doesn't change, everything changes with digital"

In order to keep up with the gear shift, I will share with you how to apply and perform the number conversion.

Particularly with marketing digital conversion task is the top priority. Next is the technology application in sales and operation management.

To get started, we need to approach the #collaboration concept, which is an important concept that every manager needs. This allows the team to collaborate and work together. No organization succeeds without a good coordination between departments.

#Integration integrates the sales team with the operations team to ensure responsible sales of the results the customers want. The operating team from there access to and perform the tasks to achieve the desired results.

#Planning #Publishing one of the problems I believe so far are agencies and clients still struggling. Why, simply because the CEO is only thinking of optimizing staff to the maximum extent but not willing to spend $ to buy tools to help employees reduce the confusion in creating a content plan on the sheet after that every day. Schedule posting on fanpage. All can be done in a single place, agreed on the script before publishing. Agencies and clients should study online newsrooms, they have set up a CMS to allow content censorship, scheduling and planning.

#People #base #intelligence has data as a whole. A single platform allows us to perform segments in order to categorize groups of objects and perform multiple accessibility scenarios or deploy file extension objects. Vơ FB is lookalike with GG is similar.

#Insight I temporarily removed the word big data because the word is being disordered. You have a list file in the tens or hundreds of thousands of users, you send spam emails to this file even though they have never opt-in you called this activity big data. It is wrong! Insight Bigdata allows you to perform analysis and classification of data groups with many criteria, essentially the data storytelling activity illustrated by charts through the knowledge of business knowledge we tell into stories called User. Story. This helps to review the activities that took place from a data perspective and strengthened the direction for marketing. THE WORLD CALLS DATA DRIVEN MARKETING.

#Personalization is not about sending you a bunch of emails containing the syntax to automatically get customer names in your script text, that's wrong, this activity is only a very small part of personalization. To be honest, it's so complex and advanced that I've tried many times and never succeeded.

At the perspective of 5 years of data driven marketing, personalization is a series of scenarios with many touch points that allow to customize the context that users are identified by the system. It's really so hard that if you don't really have big data then personalization is just a trick of A / B Testing.

So far YouTube, Facebook, and some foreign newspapers are really personalized, after you log in, all you see is what you care about and relate to you. And what you see is different from the rest of the users. If personalization is really present in Vietnam, I believe that the major online newspapers in Vietnam will be able to do this. Sorry guys mktg digital but personalizing 1: 1 is not easy. We can only divide the customer group and build the content to convey the message to these groups, with each individual we believe in the future will have.

By: Jackie Lorg
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